Finding Services
Services to Support Employers and Employees

Help to understand more about AT in the work place is available in all states and territories!  Connect with an AT expert, find services and supports, or identify funding sources for AT: can be found on this page.

AT Experts in Your State 

Statewide Assistive Technology Programs

The Assistive Technology Act provides federal funds to support a Statewide AT Program in each state to offer information about assistive technology.  The Statewide AT Programs are charged to expand access to technology for individuals with disabilities of all ages through comprehensive statewide services.  Available services include the following:
•    Information and referral about what devices and services are available, where to obtain them, and how to fund them
•    Device demonstration centers to try-out devices
•    Device lending services so an individual can borrow devices for trial purposes
•    Device exchange and recycling programs offering used and refurbished equipment at little to no cost
•    Affordable financial loan programs making loans to individuals to purchase AT
•    General training to promote access to AT and customized technical assistance to individuals and organizations using specific AT devices and strategies
Use this tool to find your State AT Act Programs.

Independent Job Accommodation Experts

RESNA, the Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society of North America, is a national professional organization that is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of people with disabilities through increasing access to technology solutions.  Members include rehabilitation engineers who can design custom workplace accommodations for businesses and employees with disabilities.  Contact RESNA at 703/524-6686 or via email at to discuss your specific workplace need or use this online search function:  Job Accommodation Experts

Funding for AT

Tax Incentives and Credits
Tax incentives and credits for small and medium-sized businesses are available. Broaden your employee pool by tapping into the disability community as a recruiting strategy. There are three distinct tax incentives - the Small Business Tax Credit, Architectural and Transportation Tax Deduction, and Work Opportunity Tax Credit - available to businesses to cover accommodation costs for employees or customers with disabilities to create a more accessible business environment. For more information, go to the following external site:  Funding for AT

Alternative Financing Programs
Alternative Financing Programs (AFPs) are federally-funded programs which provide financing options to individuals for the purchase of assistive technology devices and services.  There are 33 AFPs in the United States and territories.  Additionally, there are eight states that have financing programs similar to an AFP with additional flexibility.    Go here to find an AFP throughout the United States.