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Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity "Being in Community"

Posted By Anne Long | Jan 08, 2013

The theme for the 29th Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity—Being in Community—embraces the ideals of all people living together harmoniously and happily in a barrier-free world without fear of exclusion from social, economic or political life. ‘Being in community’ means living inter-dependently, ensuring that basic needs are met, that policies and laws are accessible and fair to all. It means ‘nothing about us, without us.’ Being in community requires awareness and a profound commitment to the work we have done and continue to do to make things right in the world. It means taking diversity to a new and more meaningful level where everyone is treated as a full human being without exception.

Who does your ‘all’ include and how are you building community? We want to know.

This conference, considered one of the most ‘diverse gatherings’ in the world, encourages and respects voices from “diverse” perspective across numerous areas, including: voices from persons representing all disability areas; experiences of family members and supporters across all disability and diversity areas areas; responsiveness to diverse cultural and language differences; evidence of researchers and academics studying diversity and disability; stories of persons providing powerful lessons; examples of program providers, and; action plans to meet human and social needs in a globalized world.

In 2013, we have new topic areas to foment discussion and change as well as our traditional areas which have bred much of the interdisciplinary research, technical and educational advances. The intent is to harness the tremendous synergy as generated by the intermingling of these diverse perspectives, thus, creating a powerful program which impacts each individual participant in his or her own unique way.

Enjoy looking through our Web site. Please call us if you have questions or have ideas you would like to put forth. We want to hear from you and better yet, we are inviting you to attend our 2013 conference in beautiful Hawaii. Be a part of over 1200 people who are making a difference in the world. You won’t regret it.