Tools for Life, Georgia's Assistive Technology Act Program

Tools for Life AppFinder Helps You Find Your Favorite App

Finding and researching new and reliable apps that can assist you can often be an overwhelming task!  Tools for Life, Georgia’s Assistive Technology Act Program, wanted to help you by making this an easier process, so we created the “Tools for Life AppFinder”, a searchable database filled with apps for living, learning, working, and playing.

This online database offers you a few options for exploring its content: by browsing categories, price range, and device type. However, if you know exactly what you’re looking for, there’s a faster way to find it. Just type the name of the app that you’re looking for directly into the search field to gain access to information on that specific app.

The Tools for Life AppFinder is a unique tool that allows you to search by disabilities and sub-categories under that disability. For example, you can search for helpful vision apps and choose the sub-category of color identifiers. All of the apps listed in the database have been tested or are currently being used by members of the Tools for Life team and our peers across the country.

The AppFinder includes a few more features that will simplify your app search and help you pick only the best apps to download. There’s a “Helpful Links” section that links directly to how-to videos, reviews of apps, and possible funding resources for mobile devices. There are also a few other databases that have put together their list of apps for specific disabilities. You can find these when you click on the “Other Favorite App Databases” link.

With the growing fast pace of technology, the use of smart phones and apps are dramatically increasing. With so many apps and the continuation of adding them, the Tools for Life AppFinder continues to grow. In an effort to help you make an informed decision, you will be able to see ratings from other users as well as rate apps yourself.

Diving into an app search can be confusing, tedious and difficult especially as more apps arrive on the market. Let the Tools for Life AppFinder help you discover exactly what kind of apps you need!

Visit the Tools for Life AppFinder and let us know what you think!

Images provided by AMAC | Georgia Institute of Technology