Texas Technology Access Program (TTAP)

"We promote independence for people with disabilities through access to technology" 

The Texas Technology Access Program (TTAP) sponsors the Assistive Technology Showcase at the annual Abilities Expo in Houston. (www.abilitiesexpo.com) 

Last year’s Abilities Expo was another huge success with more than 2,800 adults touring the exhibit floor and participating in various workshops and sporting events.

The TTAP Assistive Technology Showcase gave Expo-attendees of all ages the opportunity to test drive cutting-edge devices for a variety of disabilities.  Whether individuals needed assistance for vision, hearing, communication, computer access, early childhood development, or daily living, TTAP demonstrated essential technologies to enhance their lives and promote their independence. 

There was no shortage of things to see and do!  The Expo displayed some of the latest accessibility devices and services to people with physical disabilities, their families, seniors, caregivers, healthcare professionals, individuals with vision and hearing impairments, and those with developmental disabilities. The workshops resonated with the community and addressed important issues like travel, home modification, music therapy, disability accommodations in the workplace, choosing the best mobility device, intensive PT for children, and so much more! 

Spectacular interactive sports and activities rounded out Abilities Expo last year.  Attendees enjoyed their choice of dancing—hip-hop, zumba and line dancing.  They played a host of adaptive sports such as tennis, biking, sled hockey, quad rugby, power soccer, and hand cycling.  To top it all off, they saw first-hand how assistive dogs and horses can help people with disabilities. 

Admission is free!  Join TTAP this year at Reliant Center in Houston, August 2-4, 2013.