Northeast Passage

Assistive Technology in the field of Therapeutic Recreation

For over 20 years, Northeast Passage has been a nationally recognized leader in the field of therapeutic recreation. As a non-profit affiliated with the University of New Hampshire, we specialize in providing innovative solutions for individuals with disabilities including children, adults and our nation’s military personnel. We are staffed by a passionate, highly-skilled group of professionals with the sole purpose of empowering individuals with disabilities to define, pursue and achieve their therapeutic recreation goals.

Northeast Passage golfThe mission of Northeast Passage is to create an environment where individuals with disabilities can recreate with the same freedom of choice, quality of life, and independence as their non-disabled peers.

Our mission is exemplified through our adaptive equipment rental program. The cornerstone for each of our three areas of programming, our state-of-the art equipment “toy box”, is the only one of its kind in the country. Each of the 250+ pieces is available for use in our programming and is available for rent.

Our equipment provides our clients the freedom to recreate with their family and friends, on vacation or in their home community. It provides access to the outdoors and wilderness areas, water ways, the beach, golf courses and ski trails. Pieces are available in a variety of sizes and are reflective of what is currently available on the market. With the average cost around $2,500, and not often reimbursed by insurance companies, adaptive recreation equipment is often a luxury. Our rental program makes it affordable to use and try different pieces throughout the year.

northeast passage hockeyOur equipment inventory is available on our website ( When someone is interested in renting a specific piece, they call or email our office with their desired dates and item. They come to our office on the campus of UNH in Durham for both pick up and drop off. We rent for periods of up to two weeks.

We also provide opportunities for trials and demos at clinics around New England and at our office. If you’re unsure of what piece might be appropriate for you, you can meet with one of our staff members to get a feel for the different pieces to find the one that works for you.

Northeast Passage BikesOur equipment rental program gives individuals the freedom to recreate where and when they want, is perfect for “trying before you buy”, gaining skills or being involvement in more than one sport. Our equipment has been on beaches in the Caribbean, the rainforests of Costa Rica, Mount Everest, all over the Northeast and it’s not unusual for people to drive hours (and across states) to pick up their piece of equipment.

To reserve equipment, call Northeast Passage at 603-862-0070 or email at

Photos courtesy of Northeast Passage