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AT Connects is a joint effort between SilverTech Inc. and the University of New Hampshire.  The project is housed at the Institute on Disability (IOD) on the Durham campus of the University of New Hampshire.  In addition to this project the IOD also administers Assistive Technology in New Hampshire (ATinNH), the state’s AT Act Program.  The site is funded by a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Education Rehabilitative Services Administration through grant # HH224B100003.

AT Connects is being developed as an information platform for assistive technology (AT).  We are pleased to have this opportunity to create an outlet to inform users, purchasers, family members and professionals alike about AT.  Our aim is to provide guidance, news, information and to be a gateway to the various projects and programs funded by the AT Act in the states and territories.

We welcome participation and content contributions.  Your assistance in making this site the best it can be is much appreciated.  This site wouldn’t be possible without the support of our partners.  Please send ideas or suggestions to

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Sönke Dornblut

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